RECITALS : Total Bacteriology Lab Automation from i2a

PreLUD™ is the automated culture-plate streaker from i2a


Maestro™ is the automated incubator from i2a

SirScan 2000 auto.png

SirSCAN™ is the range of AST incubator readers from i2a


i2a is the privileged partner of the actors in bacteriology. By always adapting the features of its products to wishes of its users, i2a increases its potential development and innovation in its field of activity, including future technologies. Make a success of the international establishment, this is the objective of i2a for the future years and now !


RECITALS, the new range of analyzers, allows complete automation of bacteriology lab.

RECITALS is defined by several analyzers :

  • PRELUD, pre-analytical analyzer including automatic culture plates streaking, as well as automatic preparation of antibiograms (plates streaking and disks dispensing).

  • MAESTRO, incubator-reader of culture plates. MAESTRO includes incubation of culture plates under different conditions, the automatic reading of plates, the results interpretation and sorting.

  • SIRSCAN Automatic, SIRSCAN Automatic perfoms the incubation and reading of AST on round or square plates


The instruments range is complemented by the identification/susceptibility readers SirScan 2000, SirScan micro+ manufactured by i2a, as well as instruments distributed by the company: Urised/LabUmat (urine sediments and chemistry), Versatrek (bloodculture, sterile fluid and mycobacteria), RAL Stainer (Gram, 555, Auramine, Ziehl staining).


SirWeb middleware enables complete management of all bacteriology results. Incorporating customizable experts for results validation, SirWeb allows the results reliability, flow optimization, and customization according to the wishes of the laboratory. Compatible with all bacteriology analyzers, SirWeb is THE indispensable middleware for bacteriology.


I2a also markets a wide range of bacteriology reagents, including transport media Pswab (new line), culture media, antibiotic discs SirScan disks, Inoclic, rods for inocula preparation, AST media incuding MHR-SIR, sole medium for AST results within 6 hours, mic strips, latex, quality control strains

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