SIRweb™ Epidemio

SirWeb™ - Epidemio

  • Multi-resistant bacteria monitoring

  • Automatic flag of multi-resistant bacteria according to lab’s customization Automatic sorted list generation with printing or electronic sending Automatic alert report to wards or infection control people Real-time location of hospitalized patients carrying multi-resistant bacteria Automatic warning in case of movement of patient carrying multi-resistant bacteria.

  • Simultaneous and automatic management of multiple duplicates configurable according to the latest recommendations of the ONERBA / CDC Customizable sorted lists management (criteria, contecnts)

  • Statistics : Positivity rates, Ecology studies, Antibiotics sensitivities, Diameters, Mic, Ratios Management and monitoring of resistance mechanisms

  • Presentation: tables, graphs, pdf, html, csv, ... Automatic processing, electronic sendings

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