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RECITALS : Total Bacteriology Lab Automation from i2a

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PreLUD™ is the automated culture-plate streaker from i2a


Maestro™ is the automated incubator from i2a

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SirSCAN™ is the range of AST incubator readers from i2a

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November 12 - 15


Dusseldorf, Germany

December 17 - 18


Palais des Congrès, Paris

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Since its foundation in 1988, i2a has developed a significant know-how in bacteriology.


Over 25 years of designing, marketing and manufacturing instruments, software, reagents and consumables.


i2a has developed a unique triple expertise : microbiology, robotics, and IT - allowing preventive analysis of laboratory needs and developing innovative solutions, combining flow optimization, analytical performance, integration into the information system, and profitability.

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