Research and Innovation

Mission statement, continuously bring innovation in Microbiology:


  • More than 10% of the sales is devoted to the Research and the Development 

  • A high level team for the design of the new products

  • The last technologies regarding vision, electronics and data processing, are integrated into the last generation automated system

  • Internet/intranet technology on all systems and software, with powerful environments



What makes i2a efficient ?


i2a has three main advantages directly linked to its culture and its policy. 

The first one concerns the observation of issues on the ground from microbiology laboratories. i2a has known how to build a close collaboration with expert in microbiology. This mutual benefits partnership has been created for over 20 years. For i2a, it is essential to bring customizable solution for each laboratory in order to improve the turnaround time, reliability, reproducibility and overall quality while decreasing the lab workforce.

The second strength of i2a is its highly qualified team. The workforce of i2a is mainly the result of years of dedication of each employee. These skills combined to an optimal internal communication system have permitted an efficient reactivity for every question about technical support for all clients. Customer satisfaction is crucial for i2a.

The last competitive aspect is about its knowledge in automation. i2a has manufactured its own global solution based on feedback of microbiologists but also from technical users of its devices. The definition of the new products is elaborate thanks to the  privileged relation that i2a maintains with its users.  All new problems of the field are taken into account :  this is why i2a is very often the first manufacturer  to propose the innovating tools.

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