Other equipment*


Blood cultures and sterile liquids

  • detection of all bacterias measuring O2 consumption 

  • and CO2, N2, H2 gas production

  • each position can be adapted to blood culture,

  • sterile liquids and mycobacterias 



  • detection of all mycobacterias measuring O2 consumption and CO2, N2, H2 gas production

  • mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility test realisation

RAL Stainer

Staining Analyzer

  • Compact, simple, polyvalent, secure

  • Versatile: Gram, Punction liquid (555), Auramine, Ziehl 10 customizable protocols

  • Very high quality, whatever the sample type

  • Secure : closed system, carbon filter, automatic recognition of staining cartridges

  • Automatic traceability of used reagents (RFID probe)

  • Easy to use : Very little maintenance, automatic drain of staining cartridge


Urine Cytology Analyzer

  • Quality controls

  • Solutions QC 1 and 2 adapted to all types of cytology instruments

  • Universal tubes

  • One use cuvettes

Maldi-TOF Biotyper

Mass Spectrometry identification

  • Fast, efficient and reliable

  • Bacteria and Fungi library

  • Regular database uppdates

  • Full connectivity with SirWEB

  • Perfect synergy with SirScan

* Offer is country dependent

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